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Entry #2

Herpi Hentai Lesbian Fuck just got token down

2016-10-29 12:55:02 by DementedCartoons

Its pretty annoying tbh since i actuall have been working on this project since fucking December and yet i post the video here since you can get away without the censorship from other video hosting sites,  and apparently the NG community has blammed it to death for some reason cus "mai feelings!!!!!" or maybe because the whole thing is mostly color coded and some of the effects are done in After Effects to the point where the blood is stock prekeyed footage and stock images of satanic imagry for artsy reasons to begin with. Other than that i'm kinda disappointed that NG took this down since i really thought this video would do well just like any other long worked animation but apparently NG community didnt take too kindly to this one i guess.


Also you can watch the video on these sites down below




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